Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Software Reviews

Just about anything you want to buy online is also reviewed online, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software. Consumers can now buy software to help them get SEO up and running for their businesses instead of hiring individuals or companies to do the work for them. This is cheaper, but is software a more efficient way to go, though, or should SEO analysis be handled by an individual instead?

Man Holding LaptopReviews Broken Down into Parts

Reviews for SEO software are broken into several categories. Writers are looking at how well they build links, their performance reporting aspects, and the way they analyze competition. There are tools for submissions to consider, plus the helpfulness of support systems and personnel. Finally, which systems is your software compatible with?

Compatibility: Read the Small Print

How many times have you brought home a disc for a game or a business function to use on your computer, only to find your computer could not support the disc? It always pays to read the small print because some programs only work with certain systems.

Your SEO program should be compatible with a few systems at least to allow for the possibility that a buyer’s computer is not completely up to date. At the very least, if you are a Mac owner, be sure the disc works for you. Windows users want to select according to the version they are using.

Successful Link Building

Building links is an important part of SEO efficiency. If you can make connections between your site and several others, this will boost your business.

Maybe you have never sat down and searched the web for likely candidates; people or businesses you would exchange links with. That seems like it would take a lot of time.

Your software should be able to locate these links for you (unless yours is a niche industry, in which case you could probably do the work on your own). Not all software carries this feature.

Other link building features go beyond identification to analysis. First of all, is the link active? Software can establish this for you. Secondly, how is this link working out for you? Analysis is another feature of all the best brands of software.

Reporting Tools

Every technique for building business on your computer should be regularly analyzed and you should be receiving reports at intervals you request. The big question is: how many people are visiting your site, hitting the key word links and being directed to products you sell?

Traffic reports are important. Each version of SEO software provides some kind of reporting mechanism, be it in the form of a graph or statistics.

Keyword Help

How good are the keywords you chose for Search Engine Optimization? Are they directing people to your company?

You can find out with keyword analysis. This allows you to see how effective these phrases and words are for guiding people to you. Software analyzes the words typed into search engines. It can also make suggestions to change or slightly alter your keyword choices to boost your visibility on the internet.

This keyword analysis goes a step further. Find out how well competitors are doing. Any successful business person should know what the competition is doing compared to his own firm. In the internet world this does not mean looking at the length of line-ups at tills but examining web-based traffic.

Support for Software Users

Every sort of software poses problems for someone. There could be glitch in your computer, or something wrong with the disc. You might find a feature hard to understand. Where are you going to get support from?

Software companies provide help via telephone, chat, a ticket system, or their FAQ page. You can email them or go onto a forum. All of the top-rated companies provide the email option plus a trial version of their software so you can decide if you like how it works. Companies do not always determine what is “best” by the same criteria.

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